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Eagle's Wings Education
Homeschool Program

Our Movement

Eagle's Wings Education has grown in response to the community need for like-minded supportive tutors.

The world is changing quickly and the old systems are crumbling, therefore we need to transform our thinking and teaching practices  for the sake of our children and families.


We are creating our new learning community with personal connections and relationships.


As future citizens of a changing world, the present time has proven that our children need vital skills that will teach them how to learn; how to think; how to question.

We value practical life skills, Catholic spiritual learning, social emotional strength, character development, and wisdom not just knowledge. Our agendas are not driven by outside agencies but by the needs and values of the families who become part of our collaborative family circles.



  • Castle Hill

  • Moorebank  

  • Mount Druitt

Face-to-Face small group learning/activities allow for increased student tutor time, greater achievement, more social interaction and a close-knit, purposeful community of learners.


Your child will feel valued, listened to, have increased learning and benefit from tailored instruction.


We currently offer day tutoring sessions aimed at children registered for homeschooling ( Highschool, Prep and Primary).

Join the Waitlist to start a group in a different area. As soon as we have a group of 5-10, you will be notified that that area will be commencing.


Assistance helping parents write their Homeschool Registration Education Plans and help registering for Homeschool Education NSW

Individual Tutoring 1:1 in numerous subjects and skills 

Homeschool Activity Groups & Excursions: Prep, Primary & High School

Social Skills Development Groups

Mentoring sessions for parents or students seeking advice or guidance on learning or personal outcomes.

School readiness Groups (Prep)

Fees & Packages

Our activity sessions can be packaged over the week- completely customisable by subjects and days over the week.

Our timetable is a sample.

Group Tutoring
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