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Castle Hill- Open
Moorebank - Open
Mount Druitt- Open
or Join our Waitlist for your area!

Before enrolling, you will need to read the Eagles Wings Education policies, terms and conditions. You can access and download a copy of the relevant documents here:

Once you have done this, please fill out the registration form for each child participating in the 2023 group sessions.

This is for current Castle Hill, Mount Druitt & Moorebank programs.
Join the waitlist to start a group in areas other than those listed above.


Screen Shot 2023-01-14 at 8.57.40 am.png

Sample Timetables 2023: Term 1

Screen Shot 2023-01-15 at 4.36.46 pm.png


We currently have active Primary, Prep & High School learning groups at a beautiful venue at Castle Hill, Moorebank & Mount Druitt.

It's worth travelling to!

If this is just a little too far, but you are keen to start, add your children's names to this waitlist and as soon as there are 5+ children, we contact you to enable a start.

Many areas are very close to having their own group already.

Click to add your children to a waitlist for your area, now!

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