Prep Program

  • $40 for a 1 hour session. Followed by half hour free play/ socialization break with peers

Our School Readiness program is currently running weekly in small groups at Castle Hill. This is a one hour learning session of activities and essential skills for ages 4-6.

Families enrolling with Eagles Wings Educational Services are also invited to holiday outings as part of a gradual transition and orientation, before starting group sessions in term time.

See our Book Now and Enrolments and Events Page for more details.

Individual Face to Face Tutoring

  • $85/hr Highschool

  • $80/hr K-6

This service includes travelling to your home or an organised venue as well as all materials and programs for the subject requiring support. Tutors are arranged and managed through our quality focused leadership to make feedback, communication and payment easy for you. All tutors are like-minded, registered, accredited and experienced tutors with Working with Children Checks, who are exceptional, committed and caring.

Small Group Tutoring

  • $40/hour per child: small group tutoring of 10-12 students. Available during the day and from 3.30pm after school in Castle Hill.

This is a flexible timetable for home-schooled children to attend a number of weekly sessions spread across a day or week. Subjects sessions are chosen by the family from the flexible schedule. Small group sessions (consisting of 10 children) are discounted by being bundled together for the week. This suits home-schoolers in particular. (See right for details.)

Current group locations are at Castle Hill.

Where there is a group of 10 students interested, we can start a location based venue with one of our like-minded tutors.


If these locations do not suit your family, please refer to individual tutoring prices.

We also cater for family groups!

Education Plans & Homeschool Registration

  • $80 per hour 

This service usually takes 2 hours for the first child and 1 hour for each additional child.

This is for parents who need help in preparing for and getting through the home-school registration process.

It includes meeting the key tutor at your house (or via Zoom) for a family interview to help design and assist in writing the required education plan/program that you need to present to NESA during your registration approval interview/phone call.

Each child needs a separate registration and education plan,  tailored to their interests, goals, strengths and needs. Additional child education plans do not take as long as some parts reiterate values, after having taken time to understand your family's values, beliefs, learning philosophy and resources.

Weekly Tutoring Packages

  • 1 session   = $40

  • 2 sessions  = $70

  • 3 sessions  = $90

  • 4 sessions  = $110

  • 5 sessions  = $130

  • Catechism = no fee (when attending regular learning sessions)


  • Excursion day available.

A 'session' is 1 hour of learning , grouped by subject and a morning tea break.

Bundling hour sessions together over the day/week are good value for children attending more sessions. These discounts are based on groups of 6-10 children.


Sessions can be made up by 1-3 sessions a day but are combined with their main education in the home with families.

Siblings discounts apply and are incremental, starting at 20%-30% discount for each additional sibling.

 Current main group location is:

 Castle Hill (Tues & Thurs)

Mount Druitt (Wednesdays)

Moorebank (Wednesdays)

 Soon to start:

Parramatta Interest growing on Waitlist.

If these locations do not suit your family, please refer to individual tutoring prices or build a group of 10 students in your area who would be interested in forming a group.