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Meet The Team

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Donna Allen

Seniors Director

Primary School Director

Donna holds a B.A, Dip.Ed and Graduate Certificate in Special Education with 29 years experience in teaching; mostly in leadership roles.

This has included 13 years serving as Head of Strategic Learning. English, Debating, Public speaking & Art co-ordinator at various private schools.

She has six children and two grandchildren. Kaelih is her eldest daughter of whom she is rightfully proud. Her youngest is now  homeschooled.

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Kaelih Peaty


Kaelih has a Bachelor of Education and has been a teacher for 7 years.

Her experience has been across all grades in primary school, as well as writing and teaching Literacy Intervention Programs for Grade Eight High School.

Kaelih has also tutored primary and high school students and runs prep group tutorials.

She has three children of her own and homeschools her own children.


Veronica Gaweda

Veronica has a B.Ed, Dip. Teach majoring in Religious Education/ Biblical Studies, Geography & Economics with over 20 years experience; including as Head of HSIE, Year Coordinator & on the Pastoral Executive Committee.

Originally teaching Catechism in State Schools for many years, she now voluntarily writes the programs for and  coordinates Parish Catechism classes.

 She is the loved mother of Donna, grandmother to 10 & great grandmother to 5 great-grandchildren.

Head of Catechism 

Why Choose Us?


This is not a school; this is a collaborative learning program which supplies everything that’s missing in standard educational settings. We are a community of  educators who care deeply about, and believe in, what we do.


Through our service, parents have the say in what their children learn, and what they don’t, with whom they learn and how often; outsourcing only what they choose - on days and times and in groups they choose, with like-minded people.


For example, many families will want to teach health and sexual development, home economics (including cooking) sport, music, religion, languages and/or arts and crafts themselves, interacting intentionally with their children; in their homes, with wisdom, purpose and love.


We support them in this through our mentoring sessions and resources. Then, using our like-minded service, you can elect to have your children attend skilfully taught and prepared group lessons, taught by qualified, experienced like-minded tutors, in groups which also foster their social/ emotional learning. 


Our service also provides parents access to experienced mentors-

to assist them in designing and meeting educational and personal outcomes at home. 

This can include promoting growth in social skills or in spirituality, and in developing personal character traits.


Parenting can be hard. The optional mentorship conversations to connect and build wisdom together, can be rewarding, engaging and a powerful tool. 

In short, our system allows you to:

  • Choose the groups your child participates in and the social influences upon them

  • Choose quality tutors with whom your child relates

  • Be involved in their learning yourselves 

  • Access mentoring for yourself as parents, or for your child at any stage

  • Control your finances by only booking what you need 

  • Choose the best and happiest environment for your children

- in real small-group and one to one learning situations so they are properly, individually and personally taught and cared for.

Be part of a like-minded, empowered community.

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